One of the saddest things I’ve seen is a trash can filled to overflowing with old photos and slides. What would anyone do with photos of people they don’t know? Often people assume that they may be of no use.

This often happens when adult children or other family members need to clear out the home of a senior, and no one knows who the people are in the pictures. Who is that sweet-looking old woman in old-fashioned dress? Does anyone recognize that handsome young soldier? Are those adorable children building a snowman possibly some adults we know?

What about your own photos? Have you taken the time to identify the subjects in them? You know, at some point, all those who might remember them will no longer be around, as hard as it is to think about.

You have the ability to leave your children and grandchildren with some real family history, or with a pile of useless photographs. Spend a short period of time each day until the job is done. You may even want to jot down some interesting background information about the occasion of the photo-taking. But each word that you write and each person that you identify will be a gift to your family.

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