If you love books, it’s hard to think about parting with them, but when they start overflowing the book shelves, it’s time to do some purging! Most books will fall into one of these categories:

• books for show (those with pretty covers, coffee table books, etc.)
• books you have read and enjoyed
• books you haven’t read but want to
• books you use from time to time
• and college textbooks!

Let’s start from the bottom, if you graduated over 40 years ago and you haven’t looked at your college text books in all that time, it’s probably safe to get rid of them.

For books you have read, ask yourself if you will ever read them again, if the answer is no, offer them to a friend or donate them to an organization that can re-sell them as a fund-raiser.

Keep the books you still want to read some day, the books you use and, as long as you have room for them, keep the pretty books that are just for show, but you will probably feel a great deal of relief from getting rid of the clutter.

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