About Our Company

Senior Moves is a specialty downsizing and transition company.

We offer senior relocation services within, to, and out of the Sarasota and Manatee counties area. We also offer downsizing and other moving related services to assist seniors and their families with the difficult task of moving.

What Is Senior Move Management?

Move management is an array of move services specifically designed for senior citizens and their families, to help them with relocating and moving.

Moving is stressful at any age, but can be especially overwhelming when;

  • A health crisis arises
  • Grieving the loss of a spouse or loved one
  • The physical ability to pack or arrange to move is limited or restricted
  • Family or friends are out of state and unable to assist with moving
  • A family needs to prepare a parent’s home for sale after their passing

For nearly a decade, Sue Ellen Addicott of Senior Moves has stayed focused on seniors and their specific issues, and remains an educator in the Sarasota, Florida community to provide seniors with information that may be otherwise unavailable.

Senior Moves is not a moving company, but rather a transition service, providing emotional support, education and the physical services of downsizing, packing and preparing the home for sale, setting up a home upon move-in day; and overseeing the move so that the process is done without undue stress for the client.

The staff at Senior Moves cares about the client, not just about getting them moved. We treat each client as we would want our own family members treated.

Ready To Move?

Senior Moves will help.

Need Additional Information?

We are here to help seniors and their families.
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